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Top 5 Sedans under Rs.20 lakhs


Sedan cars in India are designed to offer a balance of style and affluence, along with smooth unmatched driving experience. Every year brings new surprises for auto-enthusiasts, whether it’s a reimagined version of a classic or a new launch that redefines design and comfort. While some sedans are ideal for daily commuters (being thrifty gas-sippers), others are built for luxurious comfort. No matter your preference, we are sure you’ll find your pick from our list of stylish Sedans under Rs.20 lakhs:

  1. Volkswagen Jetta

Rs.14.78 lakhs – Rs.20.89 lakhs

Volkswagen Jetta is among the most fun-to-drive cars, this luxurious car has acres of chrome and great abilities which are perfect for Indian buyers. The front panel features radiator grille and reworked bumper with bi-xenon headlamps. The defined hood, three-spoke steering wheel, big boot and newly designed alloy wheels are giving it a unique look. Its interiors include sports paddle shifters, hill hold controls, six airbags, cruise control, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and a touchscreen infotainment system which features 6-CD charger and 8 speakers. All the features of the new Jetta increase the rider’s comfort and give a sporty feel of the cockpit.

Mileage: 17.0 Kmpl

Engine: 1968 cc

Service cost: Rs 11,065/year

Table 1: EMI for Volkswagen Jetta trend-line (Diesel) –Rs.15.95 lakhs (on-road price)

Bank Name Loan Amount
(Assuming 10% down payment)
Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Bank Rs.14.35 lakhs 9.80%  Rs.30,348
ICICI Bank Rs.14.35 lakhs 10.75%  Rs.31,022
Axis Bank Rs.14.35 lakhs 11% Rs.31,200
SBI Rs.14.35 lakhs 9.65% Rs.30,002
  1. Toyota Corolla Altis

Rs.13.79 lakhs – Rs 18.67 lakhs

With high reliability and fuss-free ride experience, Corolla Altis justifies the best-selling sedan title. The 11th generation new Corolla comes with enviable features and luxury. The new version of the sedan is looking stylish with its super solid front, sleeker and masculine look. It’s ideal for Indian audience as the road clearance is 180 mm and the overall look is a visual treat for the eyes. When we talk about interiors, then Toyota is never short on space and electrically adjusting seats add more on-board comfort. Toyota Corolla Altis is smartly divided into numerous shades that give it a stunning look.

Mileage: 14.3 kmpl

Engine: 1798 cc

Service cost: Rs.8,309/year

Table 2: EMI for Toyota Corolla Altis D 4D J (Diesel) – Rs.14.82 lakhs

Banks Loan Amount
(Assuming 10% down payment)
Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Bank Rs.13.34 lakhs 9.80%  Rs.27,984
ICICI Bank Rs.13.34 lakhs 10.75%  Rs.28,838
Axis Bank Rs.13.34 lakhs 11% Rs.29,004
SBI Rs.13.34 lakhs 9.65% Rs.27,890
  1. Hyundai Elantra

Rs.12.99 lakhs – 19.19 lakhs

Hyundai’s newly launched sixth generation premium sedan Elantra comes with high-end features and suave looks with a coupe-ish roofline. The interiors include touch-screen music system with navigation, cruise control, electrically operated mirrors, six airbags, AC vents and auto-dimming IRVM. The SX version of the car has electronic stability function and hill-hold control. The fluidic exterior design sets this sedan a class apart from its peers.

Mileage: 18.2 kmpl

Engine: 1582 cc

Service cost: Rs.8,865/year

Table 3: EMI for Hyundai Elantra 1.6 S (Diesel) – Rs.14.79 lakhs

Banks Loan Amount
(Assuming 10% down payment)
Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Bank Rs.13.31 lakhs 9.80%  Rs.27,921
ICICI Bank Rs.13.31 lakhs 10.75%  Rs.28,518
Axis Bank Rs.13.31 lakhs 11% Rs.28,939
SBI Rs.13.31 lakhs 9.65% Rs.27,827
  1. Skoda Octavia


    Rs.15.64 lakhs – Rs 22.8 lakhs

Once a legend always a legend! The new Skoda has impressed everyone with its more powerful engines and mind blowing built. The plush interiors are the epitome of German auto-design which includes faux-wood door pads, piano black surfaces, airy cabin dressed in beige, touch-screen music system with six-speakers, soft-touch seats and electrically operated sun roof. It’s an automatic transmission car with safety features such as eight airbags, ABS with EBD and hill hold control. Keeping the driver’s comfort in mind, Octavia is designed with powered driver’s seat with adjustable lumber support, parking sensors and remote locking. With twin clutch automatic gearbox and six- speed, the sedan stands out for its unique design.

Mileage: 19.3 kmpl

Engine: 1968 cc

Service cost: Rs.10,693/year

Table 4: EMI for Skoda Octavia Ambition 2.0 TDI MT (Diesel)-Rs.17.2 lakhs

Banks Loan Amount
(Assuming 10% down payment)
Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Bank Rs.15.48 lakhs 9.80%  Rs.32,473
ICICI Bank Rs.15.48 lakhs 10.75%  Rs.33,166
Axis Bank Rs.15.48 lakhs 11% Rs.33,656
SBI Rs.15.48 lakhs 9.65% Rs.32,364


  1. Chevrolet Cruze

    13.95 lakhs – 17.46 lakhs

With flawless design, power-packed engine and superior technology, Cruze has made a comeback in the automotive market with enhanced safety features and a powerful diesel engine. The reimagined version of the car includes polished black and titanium wraparound interiors, a monochromic display, impressive dash design, rain-sensing wipers, alloy wheels (comes with all three variants) and six-way power adjustable driver’s seat. A great safety feature to look out for is the engine immobilizer. The immobilizer starts working on detection of unauthorised access and at the time of car crash, the doors will get automatically unlocked.

Mileage: 14.8 kmpl

Engine: 1998 cc

Service cost: Rs.17,766/year

Table 5: EMI for Chevrolet Cruze LT (Diesel) – Rs.13.95 lakhs

Banks Loan Amount
(Assuming 10% down payment)
Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Bank Rs.12.55 lakhs 9.80%  Rs.26,327
ICICI Bank Rs.12.55 lakhs 10.75%  Rs.26,890
Axis Bank Rs.12.55 lakhs 11% Rs.27,287
SBI Rs.12.55 lakhs 9.65% Rs.26,238

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