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Why Ditech Home Loans is a Solid Real Estate Lending Partner


Real estate professionals are busy showing homes, gathering information for their customers and answering as many questions as they can about the condition of homes and their values. One of the things that hold up the sale process is financing. Some people already have their financing in place before they even begin their search while others find their dream home and then start the application process. Ditech Home Loans is a solid real estate partner offering home loans to qualified buyers and here are the reasons why.

Ditech Personalizes their products

Ditech Home Loan experts are different from many other financial professionals because they actually take the time to listen to their potential customers. They understand that the home loan process can become extensive and at times confusing. They sit with applicants to first listen and then assess their true personal and financial goals and assist them with guidance on the products that will be the most beneficial on a case by case basis. This allows for a more personalized approach with home loan packages that are more ideally suited to each individual buyer. It’s a nice touch.

Making the process seamless

Knowledgeable financial experts who understand the requirements involved in the loan application process use their skills to help make the application and approval process as seamless as they can. Streamlining saves everybody time and effort. They’re organized and efficient and they are prepared to answer client questions as they arrive. This type of efficiency is what makes them a preferred lender for real estate related loans whether it’s the purchase of a new home or for refinancing a previous contract.

Online services

The Ditech Home Loan company realizes that people lead busy lives. They offer an online application process that is easy to complete and includes detailed instructions that are laid out in a clear format. Their site is easy to navigate which is another plus. The online application may be completed in as little as 30 minutes on average. After the initial online application is received, the company assigns a qualified home loan specialist to provide customer assistance for every step in the application process.

Why apply online?

The online application is safe to use because it is protected from hackers through state of the art encryption. The application form is straightforward and easy to complete online. The web service for online application also includes easy document linking. We all know that any home loan application requires the submission of multiple supporting documents. Ditech has addressed this issue with an easy document linking mechanism to make it fast and easy to make these submissions in a timely manner.

Onscreen live support

Most companies provide an FAQ section where their customers can go to get the answers to the most commonly asked questions, or they can send an email and wait for a representative to get back to them. This is not Ditech’s way. They offer an instant onscreen live support service so there is no waiting time to talk to a representative. When applying for a home loan through Ditech, you have access to live support throughout the entire process. This can help to get your questions answered quickly to help you complete the loan application fast and get the answers you need faster.

Long hours for representatives

The Ditech difference starts with the staffing of a qualified team of professionals. They offer long hours of operation which run from Monday through Friday beginning at 8 am Eastern time to midnight. They’re also open on Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm and on Sundays from 1 pm to 5 pm. This is as close to full service as you can get.

When you’re looking or a home loan solution to meet all your real estate buying needs, Ditech is one of the most solid lending institutions in the industry. They have a 4.6 rating out of a possible 5 and they offer fast and helpful service. Their online application process is designed with the busy person in mind. This makes it easy to apply for a home or other type of real estate loan any time of the day or night. Experts are available for extended hours and you can even talk to a live person on the weekends. They offer comprehensive home loan services and they go the extra mile to customize the process to make it fast and seamless for their customers.

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