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Porsche and Mercedes entry level vehicles now at 50% the value of full-feature variants


German Sports car makers Porsche and Mercedes Benz have added new entry level models to their segments at half prices as compared to their full feature performance cars. These cars would not give performance required from vehicles made for speed but these cars would be ideal for Indian roads and driving conditions.

Porsche’s Macan R4, 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster have been driven with 2-litre engine options. These vehicles are 20%-23% cheaper in comparison to other cars fitted with traditional 3-litre engines as lower displacement results a cut in import tax from 170% to 120% which levied on the vehicles with heavier engines.

In the past 12 months, Mercedes-Benz also launched the SLC 43AMG, GLE43 AMG and 43AMG at the price almost half of that of 63AMG series. These cars are now also available with 3-litre engine variant, earlier only diesel variants were available.

According to the company, the new prices would attract buyers for performance cars from small cities and towns in India. These entry level vehicles are a practical solution for meeting the growing demand of high performance cars across the country. The 2-litre engine cars are expected to bring an incremental business of about 20% in 2017.

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